1 December 2017 We have released a new mobile version of RP5 websites for phones and tablets:,,, etc. It took a year to develop the new version: since October 2016. During the last 7 months the work was carried out continuously and more intensively: from May to November of the current year.

The main changes in the mobile version are related to its design.
1) More attractive design
2) Frequently used buttons are at the bottom of the page
3) The table with forecasts is identical to the one in the full (desktop) version
4) Ability to change the background color and to set background photos.

30 October 2017 It took 6 months to complete the modernization of RP5 (Reliable Prognosis) project software. During the last month, at the last stage of modernization, the services for the website, mobile version and application have been transferred on the new program core of the project. We expect that the completed modernization will significantly enhance fault tolerance and speed and facilitate the further development of RP5 project.

For more information, please see the news of September 20 and October 10, 2017.

12 October 2017 A new control of the air temperature observational data is released. It was in development for 8 months: from February to September of the current year. The idea is in a statistical analysis of deviations of observational data from forecasts within a single weather station (hereinafter referred to as stations) and in view of the above mentioned deviations at neighboring stations.
The new control is carried out in two stages. At the first stage, it is checked whether the new value of observations is consistent with the forecast and previous observations at the same station. If the discrepancy is significant, the verified value is marked as doubtful and goes to the second stage of control, where it is compared with observations at neighboring stations during the same observation period. If the discrepancy is detected in the second stage, the new value is rejected and not displayed on rp5 products.
Based on the thorough testing performed, we expect that the new control of the air temperature observational data will be successful.

10 October 2017 Mobile version and Android application have been adapted to the new code structure of the full version. For more information, please see the news for September 20, 2017.

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